Where to learn Digital Skills for free


Learning Digital skills have become more luxurious than ever, and this is just the beginning.

Very soon, those who don’t have one digital skill or the other would find it difficult to be employable.

That’s why I have decided to devote myself to helping people see the light on how to get these skills for free.

In this doc, I share various ways you can get these skills without breaking the bank; or even touching the bank for that matter

Here are they;


This is one of the well paying online jobs you can do. 

From its name, it simply spans across writing copies for advertising purposes.

Professional Copywriters earn as much as $10k – $50k per month


Here are some of the FREE places you can learn this skill from scratch;

  1. Alex Cattoni(YouTube) – https://www.youtube.com/@AlexCattoni 
  2. Udemy Copywriting Quick Start – https://www.udemy.com/course/copywritingquickstart 
  3. Become A Copywriter Pro from Ground Up – https://www.eduonix.com/courses/Marketing/Become-A-Copywriter-Pro-from-Ground-Up 


Content Writing

When you read anything from Google, be rest assured that someone wrote it there.

That act of writing is called Content Writing.

Over the years, this skill has become very lucrative. 

These are the best courses you can take on content writing

  1. Hubspot Content Marketing Course – https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/content-marketing  
  2. The Ultimate Content Marketing Course – https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-content-marketing-course/


Video Editing

This is one of the on-demand skills that has little professionals. If you’re a good video editor, you’d always have someone to employ your skills.

Here are the free courses you can begin with.

  1. Mastering Final Cut – https://www.coursera.org/learn/mastering-final-cut-pro  
  2. Learn Online Video – https://www.youtube.com/@LearnOnlineVideo/playlists  


Graphics designing

From logo design to banner and other material designs, graphic designers are tasked with the design of all these materials.

Some tutorials you can take on this are;

  1. Graphic Design (Alison) – https://alison.com/course/graphic-design 
  2. Satori Graphics (YouTube) – https://www.youtube.com/@SatoriGraphics/playlists  


Email Marketing

Here’s where to learn the rudiments of email marketing for free.

These courses both come with free certification.

  1. https://www.mygreatlearning.com/academy/learn-for-free/courses/email-marketing 
  2. Email Marketing Course: Get Certified in Email Marketing – https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/email-marketing 


Social Media Marketing

You want to learn how to professionally use the social media. Here are the best courses you can take;

  1. Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy – https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/social-media  
  2. https://www.mygreatlearning.com/academy/learn-for-free/courses/social-media-marketing 



One last thing about learning skills is dedication. You have to put your mind to it.
That’s always non-negotiable!

Dedicate at least 3 hours a day to learn and practice one of these skills and in 6 months, you’d come out as a pro!


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Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.

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